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Listen to Audio from St George Historical Symposium

Listen to Audio from St George Historical Symposium

The Regional Historical Symposium held March 3rd at the Bloomington Stake Center was a tremendous success, with strong attendance that enjoyed our five speakers, concluding with our Keynote Speaker, Hyrum Smith.

Special thanks to Thad Stewart and Ralph Atkin for obtaining the venue; Dixie Whitehead who provided music; Steve Miesmer and his Boy Scout Troop for the flag ceremony; Mel Duehlmeir for overseeing the finances; Kay Woodbury for the decorations, and Chris Woodbury for the technical help!

Enjoy the audio links, below!

Dr. Donald Ray Hinton was born in Hurricane, Utah and married to Ada Lu Fuller.  They have 6 children and "almost" 25 grandchildren.  He served a mission to Hong Kong as a young man and as mission president there in 2000-2003.  Dr. Hinton received his Ph.D. in Interpersonal Communication and Oral Interpretation from Southern Illinois University; was professor of Communication and coach of the Dixie College/Dixie State University Forensic Squad for 25 years, and served as 6 years as Department Chair, and 11 years as Dean, including a short time as Acting Vice-President of Academics.

Dr. Hinton spoke first about the rising tide of LDS Church membership in mainland China.  He masterfully led us through the history of the Church in all of Asia, and the difficulties encountered with several failed attempts before it took hold.  

James A. Rhoades is married to his wife Kathy.  Together they have 8 children and 22 grandchildren.  He is the great-great-grandson of Thomas Rhoades who was the "gold connection" between the Ute nation and Brigham Young.  He is a former Seminary Teacher and renowned guest speaker at EFY and Youth for Freedom and works as a Life Coach.

As you will hear, Jim is a masterful storyteller.  He had us spellbound as he spoke about the life of his great-great-grandfather, Thomas Rhoades.  He told of joining the Church and heading west with the Donner Party, splitting with them and arriving in Sacramento; of Thomas being one of the first to find gold at Sutter's Mill, and then returning to Salt Lake City with $17,000 in gold for tithing.  He also told of his part in brining Chief Walkara's "Money Rock" to the Church and finding other gold mines.

Dr. Wayne Hinton grew up in Hurricane, Utah and earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in history from Utah State University, with a Ph.D. in history from BYU.  He served as chairman of the History Department for 18 of his 38 years of teaching at Southern Utah University.  He has authored many books and articles and received many awards.  He has served as stake president and is a former president of the Cedar Chapter of the SUP.

Dr. Hinton gave us a carefully documented and clear explanation of the events that led up to the massacare at Mountain Meadows, and the aftermath of that event.  It was good to hear the truth without hesitation, and learn how our forefathers let their worldly cares dim their view of what was right.  We learned that those who were involved were punished, but that it will probably be a dark spot on the history of the Church forever.

Monte Holm is married to his wife Lisa and has 6 children and 16 grandchildren.  They currently reside at the Holmstead Ranch north of St. George.  He learned early the value of hard work, and at a very young age became financially independent.  He is the co-founder of World Financial Group of the U.S. and Canada.  He co-authored the Legacy Planner with Hyrum Smith.  He was awarded an honorary doctorate from Dixie State University and served as president of theSouth Carolina Columbia Mission.

Monte told the fascinating story of his youth and the difficult life he led growing up in Hildale, Utah.  He spoke of the many times he tried to run away, but was tracked down and returned to his home.  He never quit trying, and was eventually successful in breaking away.  The difficulties made him strong enough to succeed in his future pursuits.  He has become a successful husband and father, businessman, former Mission President, and currently serves as a Stake PResident.  His story is interesting and compelling.  According to his wife, Lisa, he had only told that story once before because it was painful to relive that experience.

Hyrum W. Smith is a distinguished author, speaker, and businessman.  He is the co-founder and former CEO of Franklin Covey and has spent over three decades empowering people to effectively govern their personal and professional lives.  He combines wit and enthusiasm with a gift for communicating compelling principles that incite lasting personal change.  He is married to his wife Gail and have 6 children (5 living) and 20 grandchildren (18 living).

Hyrum topped off the Symposium with a lively and factual history of the Christian church from 400 years before Christ to the Restoration of the Church in 1830.  Through his careful and insteresting explanation of the events in between those years, he showed us why it had to be 1830 that the true Church of Jesus Christ could be restored!

New Online "Virtual Cemetery" for Deceased Chapter Members

New Online "Virtual Cemetery" for Deceased Chapter Members

January 2018 Dinner Speaker: Dr. Wayne Hinton

January 2018 Dinner Speaker: Dr. Wayne Hinton