History of Meltiar Hatch

Submitted by Will Allphin, Chapter member.

Meltiar Hatch was born in Farmerville, New York, July 15, 1825, a son of Ira Stearns Hatch and Wealtha Bradford.  He became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints June 10, 1842, and was ordained an elder by President Brigham Young about 1852.  later he was ordained a high priest.  His baptism took place at Job's Creek, Hancock, Illinois, where a branch of the Church had been organized.  His family had moved to this place in 1842.  The following year, 1843, an epidemic of fever broke out.  Many saints died; among them was his mother, Wealtha Bradford Hatch.  This brought deep grief to the family. 

Eliza Chapman Gadd

Eliza Chapman Gadd was a member of the Willie Handcart Company, who was not a member of the LDS Church at the time.  She lost her husband, and infant and a young son on the trek to Salt Lake City, and joined the Church after reaching Salt Lake City after having witnessed the tender mercies of the Lord on the trail.  She is the subject of the historical-fiction novel "In the Company of Angels" by David McFarland.

William and Ann Jewell Rowley

William and Ann Rowley were ever searching and seeking for more light and truth. They spent much time reading the Bible and in calling upon the Lord in prayer. They were prospering, and their family was increasing. On December 14, 1839 their second daughter was born and was named Elizabeth.  On April 17, 1841, a brother Wilford Woodruff, of the Council of the Twelve, came to Worchestershire with the gospel, and was welcomed into the home of William and Ann. They listened intently to the gospel message, and recognized it as the light they had been looking for.